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In the world of business, a brand is more than just a logo or a catchy slogan; it’s the heart and soul of your identity. Welcome to the realm of Brand Design Systems, where every color, font, and visual element is meticulously crafted to tell your unique story. Discover how we can transform your brand into a cohesive, memorable, and impactful presence that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression in a crowded marketplace.

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At Welcome Lane, we’re not just a design agency; we specialize in crafting comprehensive design systems that breathe life into your brand. As a dedicated design system agency, we understand the power of consistency and coherence in shaping brand identity. Our team of experts doesn’t just create beautiful designs; we build systems that ensure every visual element, from colors to typography, aligns seamlessly across all your brand touchpoints. With us, you’ll experience the transformation of your brand into a unified, compelling, and memorable force in the market.

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Elevate Your Email Marketing with Figma-Based Design Systems

In the world of email marketing, first impressions matter. Welcome Lane leverages the power of Figma to create cutting-edge Email Design Systems that take your email campaigns to the next level. Our Figma-based design systems ensure consistency, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in every email you send. Whether you’re looking to enhance brand recognition, boost engagement, or improve conversion rates, our tailored email design systems are your key to success. Explore how Welcome Lane can transform your email marketing strategy and elevate your brand’s digital communication.

Enterprise holdings.

Enterprise holdings consits of four brands: Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo Rental Car, National, and Enterprise Car Salles. The projects task was to create a multibrand design system in figma and update their old email designs and bring them up to date.

These are their old emails designs that were sent in as examples. 

Time to design

Got started by redesiging the look and feel of their emails. Clear clean designs that brought them up to date. Each “block” needed to be set up as a component so their employess could add new content while keeping the design as is. Everything was set up to auto layout.

An easy to use system

After Designs were approved it was time to start building the design system on figma. The goal, was for non designers to be able to drag and drop, pre-created components, and create great looking email designs, with no design knowledge. The figma instance was layed out into sections and documentation. The master component file was only to be used by their creative director. Any updates from the creative director, once published,
will then update all designs in all other files.

figma design system
figma design system
design system email
design system

Create Consistency with Figma Design Systems

Welcome Lane is your go-to design system agency for crafting systems that leave a lasting impact. Our Figma systems empower your brand with visual consistency, setting the stage for brand recognition and resonance. From color palettes and typography to UI/UX design, we meticulously curate every aspect of your design system. Elevate your brand’s visual identity and message with our expertise.

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Our dedication to crafting brand design systems that stand out is what makes us unique. We understand that every brand has its story to tell, and we ensure that your design system reflects your brand’s essence. With Welcome Lane, you’re not just getting a design system; you’re getting a tool to reinforce your brand’s uniqueness.

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